Quality wine comes from good, fertile land. And that describes Ribera del Duero, a county of vineyards and great wines. The 15 hectares of more than 40-year-old vines in clayey, chalky and sometimes sandy or pebbly soil are high-up, sloping vineyards on different selected plots in Ribera del Duero at La Horra, Quintana del Pidio, Gumiel del Mercado and Gumiel de Izán, producing for Ferratus the queen of the grapes of this splendid part of Castile: Tempranillo.

Pago de Santa Cruz de La Horra

The Santa Cruz plot or “pago” deserves its own section. In it, the Cuevas Jiménez family owns five vineyards, four of them bordering one another, planted more than 50 years ago. Five vineyards among the oldest in the county which are naturally protected against bad weather, meeting the optimum conditions for obtaining Tempranillo at its best. Their age, southern orientation, soil, altitude and arrangement on a slope make the high of each harvest a rush of excitement and adrenalin.

“Respectful and natural treatment of the vines, seeking balanced production and harvesting in optimum conditions, with samples to be analyzed, and knowing the best phenological time, which must coincide with the best sensations in tasting the grapes (visual, tactile, taste sensations, etc.)" is the secret of Benigno Garrido, winemaker.