Pedro Cuevas, a well-known businessman from Ribera del Duero who for years had been keen to have his own wine, and Enrique and María Luisa, ready to make their father’s dream come true: that was how Bodegas Ferratus, the new project of the Cuevas Jiménez family, began in 2003.

foto-familiaAt the head of the project, María Luisa, was beginning a long-distance race without fully realizing what it would involve. A world – the world of wine – about which she knew nothing and where there was no family tradition except for the not unimportant fact of having been born and grown up in a land of vineyards: Ribera del Duero. The way was not marked for her. The beginnings were difficult and she had to overcome great obstacles. The first harvest was a tough experience, but María Luisa was lucky enough to have the help of a leading expert, Benigno Garrido, who joined as wine-making adviser when the winery was still at the planning stage, beginning a professional and personal relationship that continues today. Another extraordinary person, fundamental for the Ferratus project, has been Arcadio Hernando, a knowledgeable, experienced man who introduced María Luisa to the world and the people of farming in La Ribera. Thanks to her motivation and desire to improve, and the unconditional support of her family, María Luisa Cuevas has brought together the perfect team for reaching all the targets Ferratus has set for itself.

Just as for a long-distance runner, success comes through perseverance, capacity for effort and improvement, and, above all, enjoying what you are doing.

Dear friends,

My relationship with wine began with love at first sight and, even today, it has the madness and magic of the first meeting, combined with the good sense and responsibility of mature love.
You can make wine for different reasons, but when you do it deliberately with true passion, in an almost visceral way, you make it part of yourself and something of you comes to form part of your creation. Nor do I forget that there are two of us doing the creating, the two sides of the same coin that is FERRATUS, Benigno and I. He is the performer and I am the composer of what is intended to be a little work of art every year. But we couldn’t do anything without the rest of our team, our orchestra. My family who provide the instruments, the scores and the concert hall and contribute their strength, their work and their support so that a sweet, elegant melody can play on our palates.

I am in no doubt that our wines have “a special something”, causing different sensations and emotions depending on when and with whom you enjoy them. Those who have tried them know it, and I invite those who haven’t tried them to discover them: I guarantee they won’t be disappointed.

Mª Luisa Cuevas