The Governing Council for the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin has presented its new corporate image, which is also ours, because at FERRATUS we are Ribera del Duero. We are #SpiritofRibera to the very roots.

“The new image of Ribera del Duero symbolises the growth, development and current situation of our Denomination of Origin through the new symbol in vertical format. It is a logo which, like the wines, emerges from the earth of Ribera del Duero with the different shades of its landscapes: types of soils and land, vibrant colours and types of wine,” the Governing Council explains.

FERRATUS is proud to bear the Ribera del Duero brand within and beyond our borders; a  brand which, through its revamped image, projects the #SpiritofRibera of all the wineries making up the denomination and the people who love this land of vineyards. A way of experiencing wine linked to a creative attitude, which, together with its wineries, the Governing Council has put into activities in the fields of fashion, culture, leisure and music.


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