Maria Luisa’s trip to China

More than a month has passed since my trip to China and it’s flown by. But I’ll never forget my experiences there and I remember them as if it was yesterday.

They were very busy days, when I discovered new customs, new landscapes, new food and, most importantly and fortunately for me, amazing people with a real desire to learn about wine in general and my FERRATUS in particular. Above all, though, they welcomed me and treated me with exquisite courtesy and friendliness.

There are a lot of stories I could tell, but today I’ll stick with the fond memory of everyone who gave me the precious gift of their time and their smiles: thanks, all of you.


Ferratus, among the eight top-scoring Ribera del Duero wineries in the 2015 Peñín Guide

Ferratus wines, made by Bodegas Cuevas Jiménez (DO Ribera del Duero), have consolidated their presence in the 2015 Peñín Guide after being chosen to take part in the 15th Best Spanish Wines Show for the eighth year running. The three wines selected were given the following scores: 93 points for Ferratus 2008, 94 points for Ferratus Sensaciones 2008 and 96 points for Ferratus Sensaciones Décimo 2003.

In this classification, Bodegas Cuevas Jiménez is among the eight top-scoring Ribera del Duero wineries in the guide, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year: “It gives us a big boost. It’s a real pat on the back for the work we do at the winery and provides stability for our project and our wines,” says María Luisa Cuevas, managing director of Cuevas Jiménez.


The Wine Gang awards a gold medal to Ferratus 2008

The five British wine critics and journalists known as the Wine Gang, who recently visited Ribera del Duero as guests of the Regulation Council, have awarded Ferratus 2008 93 points.
Taking into account the threshold established at the tasting held by the Regulation Council in September, this score out of 100 points means a gold medal.

The Wine Gang consists of five wine experts working for specialized blogs and media in the United Kingdom. They are among the best-known critics in Great Britain and they have a private association for which they publish reports and recommend the best wines on the national and international scene.

Of the 50 wines selected for the “Ribera Collection” tasted by this group, Ferratus 2008 was among the top ten. They found it to be a wine “with fruity notes; sweet, fresh strawberry flavor; soft, with few tannins, but vigorous and full of energy”. They also said its qualities made it “something exceptional”.

This wine also formed part of a masterclass given to experts and sommeliers in Edinburgh on 1 October as well as the Wine Gang’s Great Tasting, which took place in London on 16 October for about a hundred British wine sector professionals and journalists.

In addition, on 15 November, the Wine Gang will announce the selection of 12 wines from the “Ribera Collection” at its Christmas Party, an event attended by more than 700 wine lovers who follow their reviews.


Ferratus 2008, one of the 23 Riberas selecting for the Wine Gang Christmas dinner in London

Ferratus 2008 was one of the 23 Ribera del Duero wines selected by the five members of the Wine Gang for their traditional London Christmas dinner , one of the events bringing together professionals from the world of wine and the media every year in the British capital.

The Wine Gang consists of five of the best-known wine expert journalists in the United Kingdom. As well as working for different media and specialized blogs, they publish reports together and recommend the best international wines. Their reviews have a large group of faithful followers, giving them a big impact.
Ferratus 2008 is a soft but vigorous wine with fruity notes and hints of wood. Being chosen to be tasted at this dinner, which took place on 15 November, is crucial for raising its profile among wine experts and in the British market.