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7 basic ideas for tasting a wine

Imagine the scene: dinner among friends in a good restaurant, and it’s time to choose the wine.  If there is a sommelier, he or she should be the one to recommend the ideal wine for the dishes chosen. But if not, there’s always someone who knows what to chose, or that’s what it seems like, and the rest of the group go along with him.

The bottle arrives and it’s time to taste and approve the wine: “Will it be good in the nose?” “Will the temperature be right?”… All eyes normally turn to the person who has chosen the wine, and he gives his verdict. Perhaps one day you would like it to be you who takes the glass, tastes the wine and says: “it’s good”. For that to happen, take note of a few simple tips you can put into practice until you feel confident.

  1. Before tasting, it is advisable not to have smoked or to be wearing strong perfume, as these things distort the senses of taste and smell.
  2. Serve just the right quantity so you can move the wine in the cup with circular movements without the risk of spilling it. A little secret: practice at home with water…
  3. The right way of picking up the glass is by the base or foot between the index finger and thumb, or by the stem. Never take it by the balloon or bowl because, as well as heating up the wine, you will dirty the glass.
  4. Tilt the glass slightly and put it between the light and a white background (the tablecloth, for example). You can appreciate the opacity (or robe) and whether the wine is clean, as well as its colour, which says a lot about it. For example, the colour of reds gives us clues about whether it is young or aged.
  5. After looking, smell the wine, first at rest, in a still glass, and then after making gentle circular movements: aromas will come off that will give you new information about what you’re holding.
  6. When you stop moving the glass, drips or legs of glycerine will slide down the sides. New clue: the bigger the legs and the more slowly they fall, the more body the wine you are going to drink will have.
  7. Finally, raise the glass to your lips and take a sip of wine, letting it surround your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing to appreciate its length and flavour.

The practice will mean you take less than a minute to give your friends your opinion, without forgetting the most important thing: wine is to be enjoyed. Cheers!!


Picture from Fast Forward Event Productions publicada en Flickr with Creative Commons Licence.