FERRATUS 2008 receives 92 points

FERRATUS 2008 receives 92 points in the Ultimate Beverage Challenge. The main aim of this well-known American competition is to ensure an honourable, trustworthy result, recognising the highest levels of quality in the wines presented.

Integrity is the cornerstone of Ultimate Beverage and the jury that carries out the tastings, as well as the innovative, demanding methodology that confirms the credibility of its results.

Ferratus 2008 is a 100% Tempranillo aged in barrels, with a beautiful, intense colour of the kind described as opaque. When served in a glass, long glycerine “legs” fall slowly, revealing the high quality of the wine.

In the nose, we find red and black berry aromas and the smell of violet flavoured sweets, recalling childhood. The always subtle wood offers notes of tobacco and chocolate and gives the wine great complexity. In the mouth it arouses a very pleasant overall sensation because of its velvety tannins, while its character and potential are clear.