Exactly a week ago, the last bunch of the 2015 campaign (our thirteenth) was brought in through the doors of our winery and I’ve hardly been able to breathe since then. Why? During preparation and harvest time, nothing else exists for me. Everything else is pushed into the background and my head and my heart are focused on achieving the best fruit for the unrepeatable wine that FERRATUS 2015 will be. I try to control every detail (except the weather which, finally, I’m starting to take as it comes) and involve my team, so that they experience it as I do. And then, when it’s all over, I have to come back and recharge my batteries before continuing with other professional and family matters. But it’s really worth it! I love these intense days of sun, cold, rain, mud, impossible tracks, private conversations in the four-wheel-drive, nervous laughter and shouting, backache and too many grapes…

And this year has been very, very special. What grapes! Healthy, ripe, harvested by expert hands, carefully transported and unloaded on the selection tables, aromatic and sweet. And what weather! Sunny, cold days with wind and almost frosty nights (I won’t forget how our fingers froze as we touched the bunches). And what a team! My people! Benigno, Eduardo, Jóse, Dioni, Ruben, Ismael and Ernatz and, of course, my brother Enrique and the rest of my family. A synchronized team who now don’t need to be told exactly what I expect of them because they already know, and who this year have had a terrific time.

For me it is impossible not to love my wine when I suffer and enjoy myself so much creating it. Someone told me years ago that I wouldn’t be able to stand up to the pace of this time of year, but not only can I, I want to, because I know that there is only one chance every year; that those grapes waiting in the fields are unrepeatable and that, fortunately for those who have to put up with me, every day does not bring a harvest.


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