The Tempranillo or Tinta Fina grape grows in the Ribera del Duero region and is the sole variety used for the FERRATUS wines.

20 hectares of vines, some of them over 60 years old, grow on different types of soil, many of them on the hillside and at an altitude of over 860 metres. They grow on different carefully chosen estates in the Ribera del Duero area, including La Horra, Quintana del Pidio, Quemada, Gumiel de Izán and Moradillo de Roa, to provide FERRATUS with the best Tempranillo grape.

Pago de Santa Cruz de La Horra

The Pago de Santa Cruz estate, in the municipality of La Horra (Burgos) has earned a special mention.

On this estate, the Cuevas Jiménez family grows five vines, four of them on the border, planted over 65 years. These five exceptional vines, some of the oldest in the region, are naturally protected against the adverse weather conditions, and grow at an altitude of about 860 meters. They are a grape-producing treasure as they combine the ideal conditions to produce the best Tempranillo grape. Their age, position on the hillside facing the midday sun, soil and altitude are the best guarantee to produce the quality expected from FERRATUS Sensaciones.

“Desde el terroir y el trabajo meticuloso del viñedo, busco resaltar la tipicidad y la gran capacidad de envejecimiento de la tempranillo, para obtener grandes vinos tintos con estructura, elegancia, profundidad y largo recorrido" is the secret of Emmanuel Ivars Encinas, winemaker.